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Concerned about your Child’s Development??? Come Visit Our Speech Therapist..

If your child has any of the following difficulties, speech language therapy is likely to help.

Not smiling or interacting with others

Not reacting to sudden noise by 3 – 4 months

Not babbling by 4 – 10 months

Not Pointing or making only few sounds or gestures by 7 – 12 months

Not understanding what others say 7 months – 2 years

Saying only a few words by 12 – 18 months

Not putting words together by 2 years.

Not being able to answer simple questions

Struggling to play and talk with other children by 2 – 3 years

Repeating sounds, words or phrases while talking

Not producing speech sounds accurately

Not being able to tell a short story by the age of 4 years

Confusing between letters in reading and/or writing

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